Focused on health...

Through standardization of processes & systems


  1. To protect and promote the principles and concept of the Atomedic Hospital as set forth by the founders
  2. To create revenue streams through the not for profit corporation that will benefit and support the School of Nursing at Auburn University
  3. To create and maintain strategic alignment with the School of Nursing at Auburn University in order to:
    1. Provide training and development of Atomedic principles and standards
    2. Coordinate and build competencies.
    3. Create models, practices, procedures, and standards for Atomedic accreditation and certification
    4. Construct, equip, manage, and maintain a working Atomedic demonstration, teaching, and learning unit on or near the School of Nursing
    5. Promote, evaluate, and invest in supporting technological and communications systems, hardware, and equipment
    6. Support the worldwide growth strategy, including integration and inspection of standards for certification

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Your donation today will help the organization realize the goal of the Founders of the Atomedic hospital. Atomedic health services will deliver affordable healthcare to rural areas in the United States and throughout the world.

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